I downloaded the "Sketches" app for my iPad and after a week of playing about with it, I upgraded to the full version.  I really enjoy using this app as the pressure on the paintbrush is sensitive and the capacity to build up colour is less clunky than other apps I have tried out.  It has a real illustrative quality in the short amount of time I have been using it and I can see lots of possibilities.  

Quick Watercolour Study

Location Drawing - The Carse

Life... Well it's kinda busy

I am horrified to see that I haven't updated my blog for months.  
I spent most of last year organising and making everything for our wedding.  Very fulfilling, but hugely time consuming.
I have still been in the studio painting and drawing whenever I have had some spare time.  The website has been updated, but still requires the addition of some new pieces that still need to be photographed.
Remember, you can contact me on illustrationstudio@hotmail.com if you would like something painted or drawn.  The website can be viewed on www.littleharlequin.com